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A Quick Look At Some Of The Locksmith Tools We Use

Being a locksmith entails using a wide range of tools for several purposes. Any locksmith who’s been on the job for more than a couple of weeks knows that there are some tools no locksmith toolkit is complete without, but not all tools. Some tools can be used on an almost daily basis while others may lay unused for weeks on end.

Whether you’re an amateur who wants to be ready for any case that may come, and whether you’re a professional locksmith like those in Dr. Lock’s expert team, there are some tools you must know about and must make sure are right there in your toolkit

Professional locksmith tools

Tension wrench and other tension applying tools: lock picking 101 talks about picking pins. To effectively pick pins you need to apply tension in order to keep them in place after having them picked. Only once all pins have been picked and held in place can the lock be opened. To do so a locksmith can use several tools. My favorite is the tension wrench, however there are additional tools that do the same thing, or serve similar purposes. Such tools include the tension wrench, the feather wrench, and the torque wrench for example.

As mentioned, there are several types of tension tools, they may look different and come in different shapes and sizes, but they are largely used for the same thing. Some lately developed hi-tech tension tools cover the entire exterior surface of the lock and visually depict the levels of tension within the lock and the way they change during the lock picking process.

The basic rake pick: this tool most suites amateur locksmiths as it doesn’t rely on expertise or precise know-how. Instead of the finesse necessary to operate other tools, the rake pick simply relies on a simple action. In order to use it one should simply insert it into the key hole and move it back and forth in the purpose of picking pins in the process. Luck or skill – you decide.

Short & long hook / half-diamond pick: these great picks come in several sizes and lengths and are most useful for picking pins one at a time without touching other pins. Professional locksmiths use these picks in order to feel around the insides of a lock, discover how much tension needs to be applied, how the pins are configured, and how best to unlock it.

Tools for extracting broken keys: you’d be surprised how often keys break within the lock. Luckily, broken keys extraction tools get the job done without causing additional damage to key or lock.


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