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Don’t Be A Part of That Statistic – Make Sure Your Car Is Secure

According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles,there are nearly 65,000 car thefts in one year. The reported incidents usually peak during July.

After your home your car will probably be the largest and most expensive purchase you ever make. In fact, people are often car owners long before they are home owners. And, along with being a car owner comes quite a bit of responsibility. You have to think about car maintenance, insurance and another most important consideration is how to improve your car security. It’s one thing taking out insurance, and if your car is stolen your insurance company will help you with the cost of a new car, but that won’t be much help if you really rely on your car to get things done, and don’t forget all the running around you’ll have to do and time you’ll waste to get everything in order. Of course, if it was a special car to you, it will be irreplaceable.

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How To Make Sure Your Car Is Secure

There are a few timeless rules of thumb that you should adhere to in order to keep your car secure, such as, make sure you have locked your car and you know where your keys are at all times (if your keys are stolen have your car rekeyed as soon as possible), don’t park in dark places or certain neighborhoods, if you can help it and make sure that you don’t have anything expensive visible inside the car. These rules are all good and helpful but experienced car thieves will know their way around them. Fortunately for today’s car owners, there are many sophisticated security solutions on the market that will help improve your car security.

Today most cars come with a built in alarm but, if by any chance yours didn’t then installing an alarm is recommended in order to deter thieves. There is a wide range of alarms on the market today, which covers all types of cars and budgets. Another system that should be fixed in every car is an immobilizer, again, if your car did not come with an immobilizer, it is highly recommended to have one installed. This device prevents the car from running unless the correct car key is used. Car tracking systems are another way to go. You pay initially for installation and then for a small monthly fee you buy yourself peace of mind. If your car is stolen the company will be able to track it and locate it. Some of these state-of-the-art systems can even unlock your car doors if you’ve been locked out!

There are so many solutions that you may feel overwhelmed, if you have any questions about car security measures or how to improve your car security give Dr. Lock in Houston a call, we’ll be happy to help.

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