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Most Common Locksmith Services on Sunday

With locksmith services there are the kind that are less urgent and those requiring an immediate solution.
Some types of lock, key or security system related jobs can even be planned and scheduled in advance, installing a new home security system for instance or installing a master key system for a business.
Naturally, the kind of calls we get on Sundays belong the “emergency” type issues. After all, even if a need comes up unexpectedly but it can be tended to at a more convenient time we would be called in on a weekday.

The Most Common Locksmith Services Requested On Sundays

As a market leading locksmith services provider we deal with a wide array of lock, key and security system related issues which may be residential, commercial or auto. As described above there are the urgent, “emergency”, type jobs and there are the jobs which can be scheduled in advance. Urgent type calls come in at a pretty much regular frequency, we get them during normal business hours and we get them also at night, early in the morning, holidays and Sundays included. The non urgent type of calls come in almost exclusively during normal business hours, i.e. weekdays 0900 – 1700, very rarely does a call come in outside office hours just in order to schedule a job that will be performed later and during normal business hours.

Among the emergency type of locksmith services are those from the auto locksmith realm, such as car lockouts, ignition keys which broke while still inserted in the ignition switch and lost car keys. Calls which come in on Sundays for residential type locksmith service mostly have to do with folks getting locked out of their home.

Looking for a locksmith services on Sunday?

Fast Solutions

The one thing all locksmith services on Sunday have in common is that they call for immediate solutions.
At Dr Lock we aim to provide Houston’s community with any and all the locksmith service they may require, the ones calling for fast solutions naturally included.

This is why our dispatch in manned nonstop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also make certain to have at least one manned service van (which is in fact a completely equipped, mobile locksmith workshop) at the ready.
Our intimate knowledge of Houston and our constant state of readiness enable us to guarantee a 30 min ETA.


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