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I’d like to express my gratitude to Dr. Lock for their amazing service. It all started one evening when I got into my car, inserted the ignition key into the ignition and was about to drive away.

Unfortunately, the key must have been bent, because it wouldn’t go into the ignition. I kept trying to get it in and then managed to make things worse and get the key stuck in the ignition. At that point I called my husband and asked him to look online for an auto locksmith that would be able to come to over to my location as quick as possible.  He found Dr. Lock online and gave me their number. The woman on the phone was very nice and patient and promised that someone would be over within 20-30 minutes. Truthfully, 15 minutes later a technician had showed up and was able to get the key out of the ignition and cut me a new transponder key on the spot as well as have it programmed. This was all done within a few short minutes and I was really amazed by the great service and expertise. I will always keep Dr. Lock’s phone number with me in case I ever get stuck again and recommend it to everyone I know.

Caroline Miller 11/8/2008

When my only remote car key broke I called my auto dealership but they gave me this ridiculous price and said it would take a few days to get it done.  I didn’t want to wait that long nor did I want to pay so much for a simple remote key. So I started asking around, and someone recommended Dr. Lock. I gave ‘em a call and they said they’d be able to do it that very same day and offered me a much more reasonable price.  I scheduled for a locksmith from their company to come over that same day and he did his work on the spot.  I was very impressed!

Adam Farrell 7/5/2009

I called Dr. Lock when I had accidentally locked my car key in the trunk. Not only was I locked out of my car, but it was also raining outside!  Thankfully I was able to use the internet on my cell phone and found Dr. Lock. I called them and explained the situation I had gotten myself into. They were very understanding on the phone and said they would try to be there as soon as possible. Indeed, a locksmith technician was over in no time and let me back into my car a few minutes later.  I definitely recommend this great service to anyone!

Alexa Ross 23/2/2010

I am writing this as a huge thanks to Dr. Lock! My car keys were stolen last week at a party and I had no idea what to do. I called my friend who did a quick internet search for me and gave me Dr. Lock’s phone number. A technician arrived to help and I was on my way in no time. Thanks!

Jennifer Lyle 17/4/2010

A friend of mine used Dr. Lock’s service one time and was very pleased, so I kept the number in my phone- even though I never thought I would use it. One day out of nowhere my key got stuck in the ignition. The technician helped me quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Saving Dr. Lock’s phone number definitely came in handy.

George Withers 10/7/2010
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