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A Few Helpful Tips when losing your car keys

There is truly nothing as aggravating as losing your car keys. Although your first reaction might be to panic, you should always remain as calm and collected as possible. You might not have the time or luxury to think about where you last left the keys when you’re trapped outside your car door in the parking lot. It could take between twenty to thirty minutes before a locksmith arrives. If you’re near a service station or shopping mall center, you can simply wait there until help gets to the scene. The locksmith will have the key ready to go, so just be patient.

You should always have a spare set of keys made up in advance. Having an extra set of keys translates into less worries down the line. A family member can drive by and simply hand over the replica key. A small investment in a spare will pay off in dividends. Before you reach the stage of making a spare key, you must first have a trusted locksmith available to assist. It’s not easy finding a reliable locksmith, but you have to make the effort. It certainly helps to ask around and do some research on your own. Check with your local BBB and keep the telephone number stored for future emergencies.

In the meantime, you can listen to some music or play some fun games on your smartphone device. There are plenty of free downloadable games and music channels to flip through. If you have small children present, make sure they are by your side at all times. It’s important to stay safe during an emergency lockout situation. Once you’ve contacted a locksmith provider, you can clear your mind and relax a bit. A reputable locksmith will generally call you when they are a few miles away and arrive on time. Make sure you get a written statement over the phone to prevent any surprise charges or numbers you did not agree upon.

You Can Always Count on Dr. Lock

You won’t have any difficulty reaching out to the pros of Dr. Lock in Houston. We are a well-respected company with years of experience helping people get safely back on the road. We’ll have the exact model ignition or chip key needed in a heartbeat! Please let us know where you’re at and we’ll take care of everything else! You cannot put a price tag on safety. We do offer very affordable rates for a multitude of services. Call us 24/7 for any lockout assistance.


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